Prior to Creating a New Template

When the Template Editor window opens, it shows the shaded template canvas with bleed and fold marks and toolbars across the top to help create your template.

You do not need to use a background on a template. Images, graphics, textboxes, and image hotspots may be placed directly onto the canvas to create basic templates. If you want the template to include a background color, graphic elements, boxes, or other design and layout features, those elements should be first created in a standard design software (InDesign, Illustrator, PhotoShop, Publisher, etc.) and imported into the asset library as a “background,” which is available to those with admin rights.

Backgrounds should be placed on the canvas first, before image hotspots and textboxes. Backgrounds should be saved in the asset library at the exact size of the template canvas at a resolution of 300 dpi as a jpg or png filetype.

If no bleed is needed, place the background within the crop marks on the canvas, which indicate the actual paper size. If a bleed is required, the background should cover the entire canvas, which adds a 1/8 inch bleed edge on all sides. See the Template Background section for more information.

Once the background is placed correctly, lock it into place and place any images, logos, textboxes, and image hotspots on top of the background, and edit as needed. See the Template Editing Toolbar section for the uses of each editing tool.

Create a New Template

Access: Super Admins, Super Editors, Group Manager and Group Editor have access to the “Templates” link in the upper right navigation and can add, remove, and edit templates in the account. Super level users can see all templates in the account. Group level users can see templates only for their respective groups. End Users will not have access to the “Template” link in the upper right navigation and cannot add, remove, and edit templates.

Click “Templates” in the upper right navigation. Click “+ Create New Template”

Select the layout for the template that you would like to create by clicking “Select Layout.” A variety of sizes will appear for the chosen layout in the “Select A Size” section below. Choose the wanted size by clicking the appropriate “Select Size” button. A “Name New Template” popup will appear. Type the new name of the template. Click “Save Template & Continue.”

You will continue to a “Template Settings” page. Select all groups and subgroups that will be able to view and edit this template by checking the box to the left of the relevant group name. Check all or uncheck all by clicking the “Check All/Uncheck All Groups” box in the top right of the group list.

Click “Save Template Settings.”

You will be taken back to the list of templates on the “Templates” page where your new template will appear at the top.

Click on the name of the new template or the pencil icon to the right of the name to edit the template.