Project Toolbar Location

After you open a project in a new window, you will see two toolbars across the top to help complete your project.

Project Toolbar

If you do not see a tool listed in your Project Editing Toolbar, it is a feature that has been locked for your use by an admin user on the account. Here are the editing tools (right to left) and the uses for each:

Top Row Toolbar (Right to Left)

  • Approve: A request for approval will be sent to an administrator and a popup window will appear that says “Project has been saved and submitted for approval.” The Project Editor window will close leaving you on the Current Projects page
  • Revert to Last Save: Reverts to the last time you saved your project
  • Show PDF: Creates and downloads to your computer a PDF of the current template version for review
  • Save for later: Saves your last changes and closes the window
  • Save: Saves your last changes and keeps the template designer window open
  • Auto Save: Auto Save automatically saves the changes you have made to your template every 30 seconds so that no work is lost. The Auto Save feature is turned off by default. Click the checkbox to turn Auto Save on.

Second Row Toolbar (Right to Left)

  • Properties: This button displays the Text Properties pop-up window for a selected textbox only when the “Edit Text” button is active. Click on the textbox that you would like to edit, click Edit Text, and click the Properties button. The popup window allows you to assign properties to the text in the textbox.
  • Rotate: This feature rotates the image or text within a selected hotspot or textbox clockwise in 90-degree increments.
  • Crop: In Template Editor, the cropping tool allows you to cut or remove unneeded parts of an image rather than resizing the entire image. It opens a pop-up box for cropping the selected image, which can then be scaled as needed.
  • Edit Text: This tool must be selected to edit or ad text and assign text properties. Select a textbox and click this tool to edit the text within the textbox. When cursor is placed within the text, the Text Properties pop-up window opens to assign text properties. (See section on Text Properties)
  • Move: This tool is functional only when you are zoomed in on a canvas. It allows you to move the canvas itself to see other areas of your template close up. Select this button and move your mouse in the direction you would like to view. Deselect the button when you no longer want to move the template around.
  • Fit on screen: Resets the template size so that the entire template is showing
  • Zoom in: Makes the template appear larger so you can examine it more closely
  • Zoom out: Makes the template smaller so you can examine the overall template