Brand Sprokit Availability

Brand Sprokit is a cloud-based application and is accessible with an internet connection. Only at brief times is Brand Sprokit not available during which we do software updates. These updates are not done at peak times. See our service updates for more information.

Brand Sprokit Upgrades

We constantly take feedback and improve features in Brand Sprokit as we strive to make Brand Sprokit a great user experience. See our service updates (changelogs) for more information.

If there is a feature you would like to see, let us know. While we review all input from users, we must prioritize and assess the potential and impact of any possible new or updated features.

Brand Sprokit Upgrade Implications

To ensure upgrades are fully implemented, all users must delete their internet browser’s cache when a new upgrade is made. Doing so will allow full functionality of new upgrades to be visible and usable in your browser.