The Brand Sprokit Process

A Super Admin, Super Editor, Group Manager, or Group Editor will choose the layout needed – stationary, postcards, posters, fliers, brochures, catalog, newsletter, etc. They will create text, media, logo hotspots and master styles needed for the template. Editing and locking of hotspots will be managed in the template and saved.

An End User will choose the template provided by the super or group level users and save it as a project. Depending on the editable hotspots allowed by the super or group level user, the End User will complete the project using the allowed brand assets, master styles, and text. The End User will save and request approval, if needed, from a super or group level user. If approved, the End User can then send the completed project as a pdf file to a third-party print shop, an in-house print shop, or print on an inkjet or other standard office printer.

  • Setup Your Team

    Start by setting up groups and the team members with those groups.
  • Add to Your Library

    Next, add your fonts, images, and logos and assign them to each group that can have access.
  • Create Your Templates

    Create your templates with your new images, logos, and font styles for your team members to use to create their own publications.
  • Start Your Project

    You and your team can now use templates to create new projects for their marketing needs.