Change Your Password

When you are logged in:

  1. Click “My Account” on top gray navigation bar.
  2. Under the “Change Password” section type in your new password and type it in again for verification in the respective fields. Click the “Save Password” button.
  3. An email notification will be sent to your email confirming your password has been saved.

Forgotten Password

After attempting to login to your account at fails, you may have forgotten your password. Below the login fields, click “Forgot your password?” You will be forwarded to another page, where you will enter your email address. Click “Send Link.”

Once you receive the password reset email from Brand Sprokit, click on the “Reset Password link.”

If you can still not access your account, contact your organization’s Super Admin or Group Manager for your respective group. These user types do not know your password, but are able to change it for you.

Change Account Information

Super Admins and Group Managers are the only user types able to make changes to others’ account information. If you are a user and need to make additional changes to your account, such as changing your name or email, please contact your account administrator. If you are the account administrator and need to make additional changes to your account, such as credit card information or email for the account manager, please contact us.