Popular Questions

  • What file types can be uploaded in Brand Sprokit for use as a media asset?

    .jpg and .png are the only two file types that can be uploaded as a media asset into Brand Sprokit. All backgrounds, logos, photos, and other graphic assets must be uploaded as .jpg or .png files.

  • What are media groups and why do I need to use them?

    In order to deploy media assets from the Library effectively, each asset must have the following assigned to it: Media Type, Categories, and Groups. “Groups” defines what users will be able to see and use the selected asset. Only the users who are in the Groups assigned to an asset will be able to see that asset in their Library. To assign Groups to a photograph, logo, illustration, graphic, or background, click on “Templates” in the main navigation and then “Assets”. Find the asset for which you would like to assign Groups and click in the image thumbnail. Multiple assets to which you want to assign the exact same attributes can be managed simultaneously by checking the boxes next to the selected assets and clicking”Manage Selected” button in the assets toolbar. In the “Assign Groups” window, check the clickbox next to each of the Groups and Subgroups desired. Each box must be checked individually. Scroll down, if necessary, to see all Groups and Subgroups. Click “Save Settings” after you have completed managing all of the attributes (Media Type, Categories, Groups) for the asset or assets.

  • How many users can I have?

    You can have an unlimited number of users. Depending on how your organization is structured, you may choose to create and organize your Brand Sprokit users how you see fit. Many organizations have determined their appropriate number and type of Brand Sprokit users based on who will have administrative permissions over specific units and who will have end user permissions.

  • What kind of materials can be customized through Brand Sprokit?

    Nearly any print marketing material can be customized and made into a template inside Brand Sprokit – stationary, postcards, posters, fliers, brochures, catalogs, newsletters, and more. We have created the most popular layouts to start you off. If you do not see the layout that you need, let us know.

  • We have a Flickr and Picasa account. Can we connect images from those accounts to Brand Sprokit?

    At the moment, no. You will have to upload any brand asset files into Brand Sprokit for use. We are assessing this feature for future service updates.

  • Are there certain settings I need to check on my internet browser?

    Yes, there are three setting that should be enabled. Be sure the internet browser you are using allows for 1) popup windows, 2) downloads, and 3) spell checking. Allowing for popup windows for the application website will allow the image cropping tools to appear. Enabling your browser to allow downloads, will allow you to download the output PDF files. Enabling the spell check feature of your internet browser will allow you to catch misspelled words as you enter content into Brand Sprokit. Check your browsers’ help section for details to enable the popups for the application, to allow downloads, and to enable the spell check function.

  • Does it matter which browser version is used?

    Yes, we have tested and confirmed Brand Sprokit will work best with a least the last three versions of Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari.

Guides by Topic

 Get Started 
Follow these Four Steps to personalize your account.
  • Setup Your Team

    Start by setting up groups and the team members within those groups.
  • Add to Your Library

    Next, add your fonts, images, and logos and assign them to groups that you would like to have access.
  • Create Your Templates

    Create your templates for your team members so that they can create their own branded publications.
  • Start Your Project

    You and your team can now use the branded templates to create new projects for their marketing needs.