Brand Sprokit Version 2.1 Flow Chart

In response to user’s input, we will soon be releasing Brand Sprokit 2.1 (also referred to as Brand Sprokit Enterprise) that offers even better brand management capabilities. The great new additions will be released in early August, and we want to make sure you are ready for them!

Currently, there are two types of users – Admin Users and End Users. Admin Users create and manage the templates, while the End Users create projects.

With the 2.1 upgrade, Brand Sprokit will include several new user categories: Super Admins, Super Editors, Group Managers, Group Editors, and End Users. Current Admin Users equal the new Super Admins and End Users are still the End Users. But the new Group Manager and Group Editor user categories will provide you with intermediary levels of account control so that the central marketing unit can delegate some of the developmental work to department-based staff.

With the new user categories, units and divisions that support their own marketing teams can create and approve their own unit-specific templates and can upload their own branding assets with top-level oversight from the central team. All within the same Brand Sprokit account.

When Brand Sprokit 2.1 goes live, you’ll be able to add more units and departments that can be authorized (if desired) to create their own templates and oversee their own work.

Below is what the new user structure could look like when compared to the current 2.0 version. Included below is a description of each new user type. If you have any questions, please feel free to post them in the comments below or contact us.