Brand Sprokit v2.0 with highly requested new features!

Here are the new features that you, the user, have requested to make Brand Sprokit 2.0 more effective than ever:

  • New grid lines in the Template and Project editor pages to help graphic designers and end-users with text and image placement. Click on the “Show Gridlines” toggle button at the top of the Template and Project editor pages to turn on or off the gridlines.
  • All gridlines as well as fold and bleed marks have been removed from all PDF output files. Users no longer have to hide bleed and fold marks from the layered PDF output file.
  • User-friendly tool for photo cropping in the Template editor pages.

To make sure you’re using the most up-to-date version, right click your mouse while on the Brand Sprokit page, and choose “Reload.” That’s all there is to it! When the title bar at the upper left reads, “Brand Sprokit 2.0” you’re done!

Talk to us: If you have ideas to make Brand Sprokit easier and more effective, we’re anxious to hear them.

Thank you for choosing Brand Sprokit.