Brand Sprokit v1.8 is here with expanded functionality!

The new features make Brand Sprokit 1.8 more effective than ever:

  • New layouts for Advertising formats and Rack Cards – 67 different layouts in all
  • Insert your institutional logo to customize the Brand Sprokit dashboard
  • Enhanced email function allows you to respond from personal email accounts
  • Users can “see” only those layouts for which there are approved templates

To make sure you’re using the most up-to-date version, right click your mouse while on the Brand Sprokit page, and choose “Reload.” That’s all there is to it! When the title bar at the upper left reads, “Brand Sprokit 1.8” you’re done!

Talk to us: If you have ideas to make Brand Sprokit easier and more effective, we’re anxious to hear them.

And remember that we provide free training for administrators (designers) and departmental users to make sure everyone knows how to take full advantage of all Brand Sprokit features.

Thank you for choosing Brand Sprokit.