Brand Sprokit v1.7 is released and includes great new user upgrades!

To make sure you’re using the most up-to-date software, right click your mouse while on the Brand Sprokit page, and choose “Reload.” When the title bar at the upper left reads, “Brand Sprokit 1.7” you’re good to go! (You can also manually clear your computer’s cache. See instructions below.)

The features in v1.7 improve capabilities and the end-user experience:

  • New sizes have been added to the available template layouts
  • Admin and End User Help Menus are now directly linked to Brand Sprokit. Click on the question mark icon at upper right to access detailed help menus
  • The “Revision” button allows the Administrators to automatically return a Project to the end user for revisions, along with a personal email for detailed instructions
  • The “Fit Image” function makes it easier for end users to place mistake-free, well-cropped photos into image hotspots
  • The Text Editor function alerts end users when their copy exceeds the size of the textbox, and prompts them to shorten text for the space allowed
  • When “Allow Styles” has been selected for a textbox, the Text Editor alerts end users if they accidentally delete the original textbox formatting, and prompts them on how to correct

If you have additional ideas for improving Brand Sprokit, we’re anxious to hear them.

And remember that we provide free training for administrators (designers) and departmental users to make sure everyone knows how to take full advantage of all Brand Sprokit features.

To make certain you’re using the most up-to-date version of Brand Sprokit (v1.7), manually clear your internet browser’s cache before reloading Brand Sprokit:

  • Firefox (version 9.0.1): In the toolbar, select Tools, Options, Advanced; Network tab, select Clear Now in the Offline Storage portion of the pop-up window.
  • Chrome (version 16.0.912.77): Click the Wrench at upper right; select Options, Under the Hood, Clear Browsing Data; select appropriate timing, select Empty the Cache, Clear Browsing Data.
  • Safari (version 5.1.2): Click on the word Safari in the upper left; select Empty Cache, answer Yes to the prompt.

Thank you for choosing Brand Sprokit.