The exciting new features streamline the template editing process and include:

  • Copy and paste (ctrl + c; ctrl + v) from MSWord into Project text boxes is easier and eliminates unintentional formatting conflicts;
  • Text editor displays current Master Style, Font, Leading, and Color for selected paragraphs within a text box;
  • Leading and text formats can be changed across text blocks simply by highlighting desired text;
  • Assign Groups function allows user to “choose all or none” instead of clicking each group one at a time;
  • Text editor includes “erase formatting” function (eraser icon) to ensure you have cleared residual formatting commands from highlighted text;
  • Many more “behind the scenes” changes to improve performance and usability. We are committed to continuously improving Brand Sprokit to make it an even better and easier experience for administrative designers and departmental users alike!

If you have additional ideas for improving Brand Sprokit, we’re anxious to hear them.

And remember that we provide free training for administrators (designers) and departmental users to make sure everyone knows how to take full advantage of all Brand Sprokit features.

To make certain you’re using the most up-to-date version of Brand Sprokit¬†(v1.5), manually clear your internet browser’s cache before reloading Brand Sprokit:

  • Firefox (version 8.0): In the toolbar, select Tools, Options, Advanced; select Clear Now in the Offline Storage pop-up window.
  • Chrome (version 15.0.874.121): Click the Wrench at upper right; select Options, Under the Hood, Clear Browsing Data; select appropriate timing, Empty the Cache, Clear Browsing Data.
  • Safari (version 5.1.1): Click on the word Safari in the upper left; select Empty Cache, answer Yes to the prompt.

Thank you for choosing Brand Sprokit.